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I figure Biden has 6 months. Because after that everything will be about the election.

No need to panic yet. Since we've tied this to the price of gasoline and not rent, or healthcare, or education...

rent inflation
Fuel prices are volatile and can change quickly. So is public opinion. He's got access to the best economists on the planet and six months to turn it around. But I suspect he will let his own ineptitude get in his way.

Biden’s next inflation threat: The rent is too damn high

Surging gas and grocery prices are constant reminders of inflation, but another creeping trend spells more trouble for people’s wallets and Democrats’ political fate: rising rents.

Housing costs just posted one of their largest monthly gains in decades, and many economists expect them to loom large in inflation figures over the next year heading into the 2022 midterm elections. It's not just economists — the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said in research released Monday that Americans on average expect rents to rise 10.1 percent over the next year, the highest reading in the survey’s history.

Hedge funds have been buying up many single family dwellings, and are planning on renting them, for whatever the market will bare. First time home owners are being priced out by large sudden cash offers above asking prices. Folks getting loans for mortgages are have a very hard time, and most will end up renting, increasing demand for ever higher rentals.

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