I haven’t heard or seen any complaints on rent, but I live out in the country where people buy and don't rent.
So did I until I sold my 3/2 ranch on 5 acres for nearly $400K.

But I've kept track of rising home values, rising rents, the rising cost of medical care and dental care, the rising cost of education, and the debt related to it. And I've watched wages stagnate and the increasing share of wealth among the billionaire class

The price of groceries has been slowly creeping up for decades. There is a health crisis among lower-income Americans because healthy and nutritious food is simply not affordable. But these same folks also can't afford healthcare, nor to send their kids to college so they might rise above poverty.

And as the years fly by, more and more people join their ranks, and every year it gets harder and harder to get by.

Marxist Theory says that somewhere along about here, we will reach a breaking point. Workers will revolt! They will walk off their jobs, find other ways to survive, and change society to suit themselves rather than an elite "ruling class".

Unfortunately for Marxist Theory...Democrats are recognized as the elite ruling class by a majority of the working class who vote.

And so the torches and the pitchforks battle it out in the streets and never manage to wind their way to the castle...

And the real elite ruling class be like...
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