I firmly believe that the Democrats are only talking with each other. I also believe that they think that everybody agrees with them because they are so right. What they really should be doing is getting some basic messages that everybody can agree on and make sense as well as getting the passed infrastructure legislation up and running as soon as possible. Forget the human infrastructure until they win the next election. If they somehow actually get the human infrastructure passed it will be the Republican tool that will assure their failure in the next election.

My reasoning is that its unlikely that there is actually time to pass and get the human infrastructure up and running and the passed infrastructure legislation will also suffer, to a less degree, the same problem. This will leave the Dems the job of trying to explain what they are doing. So far they have not been able to do that even a little bit. Instead its pretty much blah, blah, blah, blah about what many consider pie in the sky.

The Dems just can't seem to understand the value of their message so they don't bother and, instead it remains blah, blah, blah while prices continue to rise and the republicans continue to attack them every hour of every day and the Dems just don't seem to be able to attack or even communicate!

In other words the Dems have now had a year to do something. They did a great thing with the first legislation but that was a year ago and, since then, its just been blah, blah, blah with nothing much to show for it.

The strange thing is that, on reflection, Biden has really done pretty good. The problem is that nobody knows it because the Republicans have figured out how to communicate lies even better than Democrats can communicate the truth. They tend to spend more time making promises than pointing out what they have actually done and that's a shame. My own thought is that the Dems need to hire a really good advertising agency to train them in how to do their jobs because, obviously, they don't get it.