Independents are a growing faction of this nation’s electorate. From 30% in 2006 up to 40% today as the two major parties shrink. Most are disgusted with both major parties for various reasons. Gallup as of 19 Oct 2021 lists party affiliation as 29% Republican, 29% Democrat, 44% independent. As Greger calls them coach potatoes, these coach potatoes are now the ones who decide elections.

Independents, swing voters aren’t political junkies, they pay little to no attention to the daily grind of politics going on in D.C. They’re too busy leading their own lives, taking care of family, rooting for their favorite sports team and watching their favorite TV shows. Politics usually don’t interest them much until an election nears. That is unless something comes along which affects their lives. Inflation is that something. If everything is going fine, smooth, they’re happy and will vote for the party in power. When things aren’t smooth, they’re having a hard time, they’ll vote for the party out of power hoping the change will fix things or at least help.

These swing voters aren’t partisans, they’re non-affiliated and in a way have no skin in the political game between the two major parties. They don’t decide the candidates or a political party’s agenda. They simply base their vote on how their own life is going, for better or for worse. Right now, today, with prices rising, empty shelves appearing in some stores, their wallet becoming thin, they’re worried about making ends meet. Worried that they may not be able to afford gas in the future or put food on the table. Only 21% of independents, these coach potatoes, swing voters think the country is headed in the right direction, 64% say it’s headed in the wrong direction. Not good news for the Democrats.

It's not just independents who are unhappy with Biden and company, it’s the whole nation. On the economy, all adults, Biden handling of it, 37% approval, 55% disapprove.

Biden’s overall job performance, all adults, 42% approve, 53% disapprove.

I’ll just leave you with this, partisans regardless of the stripe make piss poor political strategists. Partisans always seem to think the whole nation thinks as they do when that isn’t so. They also don’t understand how swing voters think or the reason they vote the way they do. I think jgw has hit the nail on the head. Perhaps the Democrats need to realize there’s 71% of the population out there that don’t think the same as they do. Right, wrong or indifferent. If Gallup is right, there’s 44% of the population out there disgusted with both major parties. So, unless something changes between now and next November, I’d say a majority of the 44% will be voting GOP because their lives have gotten worse instead of better with total Democratic Party Control of government. The Republicans, or the party out of power doesn’t have to do a darn thing, say anything, come up with any plan, all they need to be is the alternative to what is. This is how elections works for swing voters.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.