I think disgusted is different than disgusting. Perhaps fed up is a better phrase, word than disgusted. Tired of is another phrase perhaps I should have used. Disgusting is more resembling repulsive. There's probably a lot of that too come to think of it.

Down through the years independents have become more fed up, disgusted if you will with one party over the other and it shows in how they voted. It's not liking either party although roughly a quarter of independents look on one party or the other favorably or maybe even both. But fed up, tired of are phrases I probably should have used. Here a quick history of how independents voted since 2006. I use 2006 as that was the year when independents made up only 30% of the electorate, which according to Gallup as of 17 Oct 2021, independents now make up 44%.

Then again disgusted may be the right word to explain the 14 point rise in independents as both major parties have shrunk. Regardless, here is the voting history for congress since it takes place every two years since 2006., You can tell which party independents were fed up with by the percentages.The largest margins are against the party in power,
2006 18 points, 2010 19 points, 2014 12 points and 2018 12 points.

2006 independents voted for Democratic congressional candidates by a margin of 57-39 over Republicans with 4% voting third party.

2008 Independents voted 52-45 for Democratic congressional candidates. Democratic.

2010 independents voted 56-37 Republican over Democratic congressional candidates.

2012 Independents voted 50-49 for Republican congressional candidates.

2014 independents voted 54-42 for Republican congressional candidates.

2016 Independents voted Republican 51-47 over Democratic congressional candidates.

2018 Independents voted for the Democratic congressional candidates by a 54-42 margin with 4% voting third party..

2020 Independents voted for Republican congressional candidates 49-48.

Now for a political strategist, 2020 was very unique and rare when it comes to independents. They voted for Biden 54-42, but then voted for Republican congressional candidates 49-48, voted for Republican senate candidates 51-47 and for Republican governor candidates 52-45.

In presidential election years, independent congressional votes usually follow within a point of two their vote for president. 2020 failed that. In 2016 independents voted for Trump by 4 points and for Republican congressional candidates by 4 points. 2012 independents went for Romney by 3 points and for Republican congressional candidates by a single, one point. 2008 Independents went for Obama by 8 points and for Democratic congressional candidates by 9 points. One can take this on further back which shows how unique 2020 was with the amount of ticket splitting going on. Voting for Biden or as I like to say, voting against Trump then voting Republican down ballot.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.