Hey Greger, let's not be so hard on Conservatives, right? They're just such misunderstood people.

Right, Rick, we should hate them with every fiber of our being. We should insult them and attack them wherever we see them and do our best to kill or incarcerate them all. We should go to places they hang out and try to intimidate them. We should all arm ourselves so we can kill them and claim self-defense then kill more of them and do it again!

There should never be any limit to our hatred for them because they sometimes make baudy jokes we don't approve of! They don't vote for our special superior candidates who always have their best interests at heart even though we despise them and want them all dead.

There isn't a single conservative alive that deserves our respect. They are all stupid useless people who should eat sh*t and die and we should never forget that and everything we type here should be insulting and denigrating to them because that's what superior smarter and better adjusted Democrats do with their time. We should freak out and get angry at everything they say and do and then come here and brag about all the ways we've insulted conservatives this week!

Eventually if we treat them badly enough they will come to see things our way. Proving once again that we are smarter, prettier and richer than they are! We are the superior race! The ubermenchen! The DEMOCRATS!

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...