When Trump, or any of his minions, or a Democrat is running I will vote for the Democrat. I believe that Trump is really bad, for the country and for me and, quite possibly the entire world.

My hope, if Trump is running is that he will do the Trump thing and screw it all up. I suspect, for instance, that Trump was behind 1/6 and he screwed that one up. Everything that man touches seems to fail and he just keeps chugging along. His main problems used to based on money. I don't think that is exactly the problem anymore - now he is a politician and has figured out a way to be loved by many whilst he cons them out of their money. Oh, and as president he also figured out a way to help with his money problems by overcharging the country he was running. At one point he actually broke the budget of the secret service overcharging his guards for staying in his rooms. I think that was at one of his golf clubs (none of which, according to many, have never made a dime!)

My wife and I have been watching a tv series called "American Rust". Its placed in the rust belt of our Midwest and its painful to watch. I remember hitch hiking through that area and those areas are very, very sad. All the big outfits left, no jobs, no nothing (I hitch hiked through in the early 60's) The smart ones got the hell out and moved on with their lives. Those that were left are now, I think, Trump true believers and there are a lot of them. They have been in pain for years and then Trump came along and they took their chances and continue to do that. They had little to do but drugs and TV and they were victims of the Trump TV show wherein he was the rich, incredibly successful guy who has the ability to save the world and they bought it. I could go on with this one but I suspect anybody who has experienced what I am talking about understand and those that haven't probably couldn't anyway.