I've got a feeling we might see a whole new cast of characters in 2024. Perhaps Duckworth will be among them. I think Harris will have had enough and will quietly move to a consulting firm after this. Buttigieg was never qualified to be president and it appears the Transportation gig has overtaxed him as well. He won't run. Or more specifically; might run but won't gain traction.

Now if he'd called out the national guard and put 10,000 trucks on the road he might've earned some hero status. But he was busy being a new dad....during a transportation crisis.
Who's idea was it to adopt newborns at this critical point in his career?

Nawp...toast that one is.

So those two ain't gonna make it outa the primaries if they ever head in. Biden says he'll run again...the Democratic Party isn't so sure...He'll be actively primaried if he doesn't retire.

I think you can take that to the bank.

Trump is still up in the air...if any of the current cast of characters runs he could beat them.

But if a shiny new face (like Duckworth or another unknown variable) got the nod then Trump could be defeated. Trump might also lose in the primaries, DeSantis is polling better than he is and DeSantis has refused to say he would drop out if Trump ran....

Trump can "run" for president right up until a "doctor" tells him not to. Up in the air. I feel like he won't run but I don't feel like I know he won't run.

Right now the most likely scenario is Trump or DeSantis against an unknown Democrat like Duckworth. Biden, Bernie and Liz et al (Trump) will be aging out of the system. This is likely Pelosi's last hurrah and I'd be surprised if McConnell runs for another term. So we're gonna be seeing some major changes here in the next few years.

That's what I see when I throw the bones. That's what I see when I swirl my tea leaves.

A change in the wind, indicating nothing. Or maybe something...? We've got to wait for more history to occur before we know for sure who wins and loses.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...