Faces change, policy remains

No ones going to win without the consent of the ruling classes.

No ones going to do anything to change this countries power relationship. We will obsess over the fiction of warring political parties as though the outcome of electing one or the other of the two factions will have any impact,

Dems got elected with the largest protest in modern history. Protests over police violence and its racism. Democrats increased police funding once in office with their majority.

Joe Biden campaigned on ending the pandemic, Joe Biden insisted on people going to the polls in the primary when the virus spread was accelerating. Once in office Biden went all in on Trumps operation warp speed and told people they could ditch the mask after the jab and wouldn’t get COVID. Laughable.

Who’s got money on us hitting a million deaths by spring?

Joe Biden’s having thanksgiving at the billionaire mansion of Caryle group co-founder, David Rubenstein.
The same Rubenstein President Manchin has been working with to shape Biden’s BBB plan to their liking.

Theirs no political upside in as class war when ruling classes own the parties. To think a change of face would change the power arrangements in this country is naive at best.

One upside to a degrading President though. He did end the war in Afghanistan. That, more than anything, will doom any 2nd. term for him. Too many rice bowls got broke.

Tammy Duckworth… yeah, she ticks a lot of blue check boxes. Handicapped, a vet, has a vagina. Rightwing foreign policy cred (she’ll keep the gravy train rolling for the MIC). But can she hold it against Trump? Not too sure on that spread.

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