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Faces change, policy remains

No ones going to win without the consent of the ruling classes.

No ones going to do anything to change this countries power relationship. We will obsess over the fiction of warring political parties as though the outcome of electing one or the other of the two factions will have any impact,

Dems got elected with the largest protest in modern history. Protests over police violence and its racism. Democrats increased police funding once in office with their majority.

Theirs no political upside in as class war when ruling classes own the parties. To think a change of face would change the power arrangements in this country is naive at best.
I agree, no one wins without the consent of the ruling class or the moneyed elites. They’re pouring billions into our election system. 14 billion for 2020 not counting the billion plus for Georgia’s two runoff senate races in January 2021.

It’s rhetoric that is the difference between the two major parties, not so much how each governs. As Ross Perot once said, if you stick cotton in your ears, earplugs and just watch how the two major parties govern, you’ll not see much if any difference. Not his exact words, but close.

I’ll repeat my take on the 2020 election, it was nothing more than a total rejection of Donald Trump and his obnoxious ways. It wasn’t an endorsement for change or new legislation outside of getting rid of Trump. Biden happened to be Trump’s opponent so he would do. Biden did win by 7 million plus votes, but Republican candidates won the congressional vote, the senate vote in November 2020, the governor’s vote along with the state legislature’s votes. All in the same election.

The down ballot results showed 2020 wasn’t an election for defunding the police or for the protesters. It was for business as usual. Self-preservation has always been an elected official first priority, from the many articles I’ve read on the down ballot results, even stated it here on this site, the total election wasn’t for police reform, etc. I think way too many read into Biden’s 7 million plus victory as a mandate which it wasn’t in my opinion. It was simply an election to get rid of Trump. The Democrats could have run Gaylord Cumquat for president and he’d probably have won. The people simply wanted to get rid of the uncouth, raunchy, spoiled brat child in a man’s body, Trump.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.