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The down ballot results showed 2020 wasn’t an election for defunding the police or for the protesters. It was for business as usual. Self-preservation has always been an elected official first priority, from the many articles I’ve read on the down ballot results, even stated it here on this site, the total election wasn’t for police reform, etc. I think way too many read into Biden’s 7 million plus victory as a mandate which it wasn’t in my opinion. It was simply an election to get rid of Trump. The Democrats could have run Gaylord Cumquat for president and he’d probably have won. The people simply wanted to get rid of the uncouth, raunchy, spoiled brat child in a man’s body, Trump.

I’ll have to turn your attention to the full mobilization of Dem Corp to undermine and subvert their own primary to get rid of the threat on their left flank.

While I agree that they succeeded in running a restoration campaign with a deteriorating rightwing Senator by not being Trump, the in tra party fight between the left and right was real. Dem Corp succeeded in stopping the left and was able to complete the play they started in 2016. Raising Trump as the opposition candidate so they could beat him with their lousy one, HRC.

Podesta emails…

Many got behind the candidate who stood for something in the primaries. Someone who understood class and material condition matters. By many, I mean millions. Dem Corp consolidated the field and made it all about Trump. Barely. As a numerologist I’m surprised you don’t bring up the matchups between Dem candidates and Trump? There was a clear leader in those numbers.

Trump raised his numbers from 2016 IIRC.

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