I have read your lynx which are informative re fungal dominance, and I have dribbled in compost tea to fight fuksarium fungus. I was trying for a bacterial biofilm to fill possible fungal niches, so I goosed my compost tea in an a large plastic trash can, with some sugar, spiked with PO4 and NH3 of some kind, and infected it with Actinomate, Actinomyces refs.. It worked , but learned other workarounds. I'm reconsidering it after this fungal year, that I read about somewhere. I,m trying for a more bacteria dominance, but what could go worng?

So, that's why I am cautious about adding an unknown fungus rich compost to my beds. Of course, I can see both sides of it, but I dont want to risk all of next years crop, which would be worst case scenario... no that would have been the year when I burned everything with a hotter than expected mix of chicken and mushroom poops not quite composted!


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