or thanks for keeping America from taking 2 more steps toward fascism.

I predict ignorance will prevail in 2024 and Trump will get another bite of the fascist apple. People appear to be getting more ignorant by the second.

Q predicted Trump would round up all the satanic, pedophile, baby eating Democrats and send them to Gitmo. Well, wait until 2025. Trump will have all Democrats and some Republicans lined up in anti-American (read that to really mean anti-Trump) public hearing with very real possibilities of DoJ indictments (convictions are not necessary .... just the perception), and Republicans ejecting Democrat House members for cause i.e. being criminals.

But don't worry .... this is not destroying America. It is building a better America. An America molded on the belief Trump is savior. He was once dead and then would arise. America ... a Trump place ... a better place.

But that is not destroying America.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty