We are a two party nation. New parties have tried and failed several times. The last success, I think, was the Republican party which was an offshoot of the Whigs because, basically, the Whigs supported slavery and those that left that party to form the Republican party was a majority of the Whigs.

Now, however, I think we have a different problem. I think that all party members, of either party, have stopped talking to anybody but each other. This is a major sin of politics and, now, its also the shame of the parties. Neither, I suspect, actually have a clue. Hell, the Democrats are in such bad shape that their main thing these days is to publicly fight amongst themselves. The Republicans, however, seem to be in a process of probably starting a new party for conservatives. This is being reflected by the Lincoln Project.

I watch a lot of TV news and its becoming more and more obvious that the talking heads of Democratic TV are pretty disgusted with the Democratic party. Its not as obvious as the Republicans but close. I suspect that next year's election is going to not go well for the Dems. I also suspect that if that's true there are going to be some Dems start talking to each other about doing something about their own problems.

In other words I believe that we are living in a time of huge changes in our political parties. My only real problem is that is so damned hard to watch people in either party actually even try to fix their problems. The Republicans are just, I think, a bit ahead of the Dems but they just might catchup if they have the debacle everybody thinks they are going to have.

OH - I want to wish us all good luck!!