There’s a bit of a split on the left, IMO, of wether you should organize to pressure Dem Corp to move back from the right or let it implode by walking away. The ‘organize and pressure’ folks think if you don’t like the present you’ll really hate the future with the far right in the saddle.
The ‘let it burn’ folks respond by saying Dem Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of the right wing and is unreformable. Let it collapse under the weight of its own insignificance.

I’m in the latter (no suprise). There has never been anything done for working class people without outside pressure. Not from my read of this countries’ history. The current party is a dead corpse walking cept as a protest against the worse politics of the far right. That any hope for left progressive politics will come from outside the 2 party system dominated by moneyed interests. Labor militancy can be one avenue and their has been some progress there. Jacking things up for concessions is a historical tactic and there seems to be a growing realization now.

Imagine my surprise to see this op/Ed from business insider:

“ Pundits in the mainstream news and most political analysts have offered predictable advice: The Democrats must become more conservative, abandon their progressive policies (even though they're popular with voters), and court swing voters who care about overhyped culture war issues like Critical Race Theory — even though those voters have proven themselves disloyal to Democrats over and over again.

Democrats have won some elections by capitulating to the right and center — that is, after all, how Biden won in 2020. But relying on these voters is not an effective strategy. These latest elections, and the loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016, are proof that moderates, even ones who have supported Democrats recently, are quick to turn their backs on Democrats and realign with Republicans”

Democrats can't win elections and c... money somewhere that will actually help