Ten years, Pero. Starting in 2022 when the House falls and ending When DeSantis boards Marine One and heads for the airport at the end of his second term in 2032.

There's a lot of water under the bridge between now and then though, and the tiniest of chances I could be wrong...

A decade will see most of the boomers in congress replaced by millennials. Trump will be long dead and forgotten. That's when I think things are going to start looking up. So take your vitamins, stop smoking, and eat a balanced, nutritious diet and prepare to put up with a lot more bullsh*t before things begin to improve much.

But there's a feck ton of elections between now and then and the balance of power will continue to tilt back and forth and the amusement will be endless!

Six months. Give or take. Before we can really begin predicting 2022.

We got to sit on our hands for 6 months. Anything we say until then is sheer speculation.
The events that happen between now and then will mold the course of the midterm election.

All the redistricting should be in place by then too so you'll have a handle on those numbers.
And I will throw the bones, consult the ancestors, and use all the archaic means at my disposal and I betcha not much changes from our current guesses about the future.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...