It dawns on me that I ignored something about the Republican party. That would be the Trump base. He flat out controls these people and the Republicans cannot win anything without that base. The base itself, based on what one sees at one of his gatherings, are mostly middle aged, not particularly bright or wealthy, enthusiasts who used to watch his TV show and bought the man that was presented there. I also tend to believe that, before Trump, they had nobody to believe in. Again, there seems to be one basic belief in the Republican party and that is they cannot win without that base and that base is owned by Trump. After the Virginia thing I am not absolutely sure that's true but I do believe that is what they believe. The interesting thing about the Republicans is that those who hold office are determined to keep their jobs to the exclusion of everything, including the destruction of our country. They have given up truth, the the system of reality the rest of us live in every day, and doing the 'right' thing. All that being said, even though some of them run their mouths too much and get into trouble most still follow the lines laid out for them. They message well and stick to the plan (whatever that might be).

I am not sure about the Dems nor am I convinced they have a base, except for those who are members of the Democratic party, seem to be educated, and generally anti-racist, and, pretty much, middle of the roaders. I actually am not sure what they are for, or against as the Dems have a really serious problem if not telling anybody what the hell they all believe, as Democrats. Lots of blather but not a whole lot of facts. I am not even convince they know!

The stunning thing is that the Republicans have demonstrated that they can beat the Dems with regularity. The Dems, on the other hand, sometimes just get lucky. I remain unconvinced that either side has actually won all the votes.

I just read this over and have decided that I am, basically, confused and clueless. I will let this remain for the hell of it.