Yes, I'm a socialist! That's my ideology

I'm registered Non Partisan or NP which is what Florida calls independents. I'm an independent socialist. Not a member of any party.

I am in fact a democratic socialist who believes that officials should be elected by the people instead of appointed by the Party.

I believe that the means of production should be owned by the people. That's a complicated concept but it basically involves universal ownership of infrastructure and resources and a guaranteed income. Beginning at birth and accruing interest. Everybody starts out rich, some get richer, some squander it but all receive enough to get by.

I ALWAYS vote a straight Democratic ticket and must therefore be a part of the Democratic base.

Because even though they don't know it yet, Democrats are the future socialist party.

Two-Party system ain't never gonna change. But one party has to first become a PEOPLE'S party instead of just tossing chump change to the people while enhancing the portfolios of the top 10%.

Along and along the people will rise up and demand that government deliver the goods they promise. Marxist theory insists it will happen. But like the second coming of Christ there's no hint of WHEN it will be or even IF it will ever be.

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