These topics grabbed our attention, even without the baiting of Truk Nutz, but I doubt anyone wants to debate on such uncontroversial topics, that even denialism fails to provide a defense. The only possible discussion boils down to an "Aint it awful" rendition and who can provide the worst possible outcomes thanks to the corrupt evildoers.
I think a better discussion would be about the rotting SCROTUS, that was my previously, more respectful, reference to the "Supremes"! BTW I actually looked for an antonym for supreme, and couldnt find one. We need a new word to define it, and I'm open to suggestions. Now that SCROTUS is not sufficiently insulting to describe the current "high" crazy court new modifiers are needed. Under consideration are SCROTTENOUS, NECROCROTILOUS, and REDBALLS!
There is no need to invoke Truculent Nutz to grab our doggies, paraphrasing presidential oratory.


There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit