Most legislation funnels money to the rich who then "create jobs" to help the working-class folks
So you have a way of providing money for projects by contacting workers directly. How exactly would that work? Would they elect project managers? Now that sounds like colonial America when the rank and file militia elected their officers. Not sure how that works.

medicare for all, $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave, family time yada yada yada...
sp how would you get a bill passed? would you beat 'em in the head and force people to vote for your pet project? The Republican agenda is to metaphorically dissolve the federal government, and they have not done it yet .... but I give them some time.

Trump isn't coming back
Have you not ever met a narcissist? He has a personality disorder which compels him to bath in the warmth of people's praise. And remember ... he controls the Republican base and he alone. Not a single Republican has any influence over the base, except Trump. They all fumble all over each other to perform the most degrading acts of subservience to Trump in the hope of winning over the base. Trump isn't just coming back .... he is already here

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty