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still hangs with the Billionaires
ahhh .... the purity test ... must BE a working class stiff to HELP the working class stiff. you can do the logic from there

Trump routinely allied himself with the unwashed too.
LOLROFLMAO ... ahhh ... no ... he routinely sought the praise of the unwashed, but heaven forbid if he actually had to help them or ... touch ... them

Who a person is, is irrelevant to what they do, otherwise all those billionaires can just keep their money, because they are not poor, or needy, or suffer from some disease, or etc etc

Well my understanding is most thing’s approximating a revolution requires a certain percentage of class traitors. If they’re on your side then by any means necessary. FDR ran as an austerian but quickly abandoned it in office. I read where he was doing Keynes while knowing nothing about his theories. Had a natural progressive populist instinct and the political skill to implement legislation. Biden’s no FDR no matter how hard they tried to gaslight the country in believing he was the second coming. Biden may be tricky lace curtain Irish but blue blood NY Dutchman he ain’t.

Biden did his familiar ‘lunch box Joe’ Schtick on the campaign trail though. All that ‘friend to the little guy’ stuff IIR, yet always governed or voted for wall st. Has that changed?

Personally, I think he’s losing the capacity to govern so whatever his real goals are is a mute point. The pattern is a familiar one by now though. Leverage people’s desires on the campaign to get elected then lower their expectations once in office, despite their proposals having broad popular support during the campaign.
No, you cross the donor class in Dem Corp, your redistricted or primaried out to maintain that Wall St. orientation of the party. Biden knows this well and has voted accordingly his whole career.

Been nice if he surprised people like myself more. That full withdrawal from Afghanistan was a welcome one. Too bad he’s gone back on his campaign promises. Course if all you wanted was bad man gone then you probably have little to complain about.