I’m thinking Thorazine for ol Ted.!

Hey that worked for LSD overdose back in the day. But the drug I have found most curious in my life has been Methaqualone. The proverbial Quaaludes. I remember reading a PDR in a library in the mid 70s (I am not really that old I am just making all of this up) and discovered that methaqualone was originally developed as an analgesic for malaria! Who’d of thunk it? Certainly not I. And then, upon reflection, I thought that made perfect sense that malarial sufferers could take it and then feel better and perhaps sleep and then recover from the horrible ailment.

Not so much a cure but a “curative.” Sort of like the old liver pills that were sold back in the day.

Whatever happened to the old Quaaludes? Hmm

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.