One Gallup poll showed only 47% of all Americans would consider voting for a socialist.
But I see that number as being extremely positive! Only 4% shy of a majority vote for socialism? With Millennials and Z Gen becoming more favorable to socialism all the time?

America is entirely about money(capitalism) and people(socialism) will forever play second fiddle to the very wealthy...unless something happens to improve that dynamic.

Unless of course, you think our current situation is perfectly fine? And that our two political parties are on the right track to fix global warming, plastics pollution, dying seas, historic inequality, infrastructure collapse, food and water shortages, storms, wildfires, droughts...etc. etc. etc.

Maybe times have to get a little tougher before people realize that maybe things aren't going as smoothly as many(mostly Boomers) seem to imagine. That making rich people richer is possibly not the answer to every problem.

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