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You don't even think the concept is crazy...
The crazy concept I was meaning is that the words "socialism" and "capitalism" are polled at all, when people have a thousand different definitions for them. And by "working the subject" I mean that I have directly asked people who have strong opinions of what those two words mean for decades, and learned that they are essentially meaningless in general use without further definition (which an astonishing percentage can't provide). What's more, neither word has anything close to a pure existence in reality. It occurs to me that my understanding of socialism isn't connected to any definitions or published theories, it comes from thinking about what would be the best way for people to associate - so I don't even have a definition. Capitalism I've "studied" in more depth and I find it to be a mishmash of practicality and irrational greed and delusion. What's more, capitalism and socialism don't really even cover the same territory of human interaction, capitalism being basically just a tool for the exchange of goods and services (and for gaining power and dominance).

A poll relating to those words has about as much meaning as asking if folks prefer purple or peanut butter. It might be better to ask, "Would you like to see more, or less, organized community support for all citizens in the form of income security, healthcare, shelter, the common good, etc.?"

Of course, any poll that seeks to define the meaning of words in order to get to what people really think is doomed from the start, because the vast majority of people would find it too complex, and to be asking about things they had never thought about before.

The poll cited by Perotista only reveals which of the two words has had the better marketing campaign behind it - that would be the one selling doubt as its product (with little truth in advertising).

Let's hope that the M's and the GX'rs are actually thinking about the meaning of words and not just buying a sales pitch.

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