Socialism and the Federal Government are tied with 38% of all Americans having a positive view of both.

So...Americans are ecstatic about their government and would never consider a serious change?

And they universally hate socialism?

Neither of these things is completely true.

I'm not suggesting that NOW is the right time to engineer massive social change. In fact, quite the contrary, as we witness the blowback against Democratic social programs. It's going to take time, a decade at least before we actually see much progress.

Some of us won't survive to see it.

The US can try to walk the narrow path down the middle, teetering between authoritarian capitalism and social democracy. Lenin tried the scientific approach in Eastern Europe but was followed up with Stalin's brutalism and the evolution of the USSR. The groundwork has been laid many times for social upheaval but almost invariably some brutalist regime sends socialism back to the drawing board in favor of cash and profits.

So I'm not suggesting the Democratic Party suddenly embrace socialism. How could it..? It's an entirely capitalist organization. The left/right economic/political/social divide lands right between capitalism and socialism. You can move the goalposts wherever you want, but what we have is two(2) right-wing parties. One maybe not quite so far right but dedicated still to the monied elite more than to the great unwashed and exploited.

What I'm suggesting instead is that the Democratic Party bide its time, capitulate, out-think its opponents and bring about a more egalitarian society, even through capitalist means if that is possible...I don't think it is.

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